Diagnostic Ultrasound FAQ’s
The NBA uses portable Ultrasound machines to diagnose injuries right on the court!
Sports and Orthopedic Center is proud to be one of very few practices in South Florida that utilizes diagnostic ultrasound for the diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal injuries. This painless in-office procedure, which uses no radiation and has no side effects, allows the physicians and surgeons at Sports and Orthopedic Center to literally see underneath your skin to identify injured or damaged tissues. Because ultrasound does not involve radiation and can be done in the office, it can also be used for frequent follow-up to monitor the healing process. Furthermore, the use of ultrasound during injections significantly increases the accuracy and outcome of the procedure. This is especially important for orthobiologic therapy, such as PRP, where pinpoint accuracy is absolutely essential. Diagnostic and interventional ultrasound is covered by insurances and represents a very convenient and cost-effective method of imaging orthopedic conditions. Not all ultrasound is the same. In order to effectively use diagnostic ultrasound, the physicians must undergo extensive training in the use of ultrasound for musculoskeletal injuries. Dr. Gupta is specially trained in the use diagnostic ultrasound. Both physicians have pioneered the use of portable ultrasound on the sidelines of sporting events to provide immediate evaluation and treatment of athletes at the time of injury. Dr. Gupta carries a portable ultrasound unit while traveling as part of the Florida Atlantic University (FAU) Football medical team. Dr. Gupta is a nationally recognized leader in the adoption of ultrasound in sports medicine. He lectures nationally in coursework to teach other physicians the use of diagnostic ultrasound.