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Fitness Level Testing & Personal Training

While we live in an active community where you frequently see people exercising on a regular basis, South Florida also has a very large population of patients that are defined as mildly, moderately or morbidly obese. Many of these people wish to start an exercise program which can help them lose weight and be in better shape, but they don’t know where to start.

After evaluation by their primary care physician to determine if they are medically capable of exercising, the next place to begin is with an appointment with Dr. Manish Gupta of Sports and Orthopedic Center for a medical fitness evaluation and exercise prescription.

“Writing an exercise prescription for someone is a powerful tool and motivator” states Dr. Manish Gupta. “We have a full-service personal training program which includes university level performance and fitness testing as well as carefully selected certified personal trainers that work in conjunction with the doctors and physical therapist at our practice. We, and more importantly, you, know what quality of personal training you are receiving, because we direct it specific goals and needs.”

Headed by Viviane Rigatto, a certified personal trainer with more than 16 years experience in the fitness field, she understands the importance of proper exercise under the right circumstances for the right person. “I have seen many people over the years hurt by improper working out and personal training. By working together with physical therapists and sports medicine physicians, we are confident in having you achieve your fitness goals in the safest environment possible.”

“We all see athletes on TV working out on specialized equipment to try to determine at what high-level of fitness they function. It is even more important to find out baseline levels of fitness and body fat percentages for those people simply trying to get back into shape. In conjunction with Florida Atlantic University we are able to determine a person’s baseline level of fitness extremely accurately which gives us specific goals for weight loss and achievement of improved fitness.”

If you are overweight and considering beginning an exercise program or a seasoned athlete who wants to improve their performance in their specific sport, Sports & Orthopedic Center fitness program is right for you., please make an appointment with Sports and Orthopedic Center at 561-314-7200. Learn how to exercise safely and effectively to improve your life, your health and your performance.