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Do you feel familiar with the sore feeling or the dull aching sensation in the lower back muscles or sometimes a shooting, burning, or stabbing sensation that may radiate down your leg or worsen with bending, twisting, lifting, standing, or walking. Furthermore, the inability to stand up straight without pain makes it even more unbearable. If you can relate to the described condition, then chances are that you too have suffered from back pain.

According to the American Chiropractic Association, back pain is the most common health condition which prevents people from functioning at their optimal level, causes them to miss work, and is a major reason why people visit the doctors.


By following these simple self-help strategies, one can lower their chance of experiencing lower back pain. Here is a list of DO’s and DON’Ts that elucidate the preventive measures against lower back pain:

1.) Work your core – Build a strength-training routine with a focus on strengthening the core muscles which helps reduce your chances of suffering from back sprains or muscle spasms. Doing back and abdominal strengthening exercises at least twice, a week will make your back stronger & more flexible. This is effective in facilitating spinal care.


2.) Maintain correct posture – Back pains are also caused due to incorrect postures which add strain on the back. Thus, one must avoid slouching over or bending down for too long and make a habit of checking their posture by sitting with their back straight and walking for a few minutes after prolonged sitting.

 3.) Regular workout – Health experts now support the notion that doing regular physical activity can ease muscle inflammation and tension thus providing much comfort instead of the common belief that one must not exercise and only rest to relieve body pain. Additionally, exercising helps maintain a healthy body weight which controls back pain.

4.) Right lifting techniques – Everyday activities like lifting heavy grocery bags or carrying bulky plant pots can lead to lower back troubles. The right way of lifting is to squat with knees bent and back straight without twisting the body and holding the object close to one’s chest.

5.)Nutritious diet– Having a Calcium & Vitamin D – rich diet builds strong bones, helps prevent osteoporosis, a common cause of back pain. Milk products and green leafy vegetables are good sources of Calcium, and a good amount of sunlight, eggs, oily fish, and meat supply the essential dose of Vitamin D.

6.)Wear comfortable shoes – Invest in comfortable shoes with good padding which provide proper support to the ankles, knees and reduce the strain off the lower back. If one has back pain issues, then wear low-heels which prevents unnecessary straining of the lower back.

7.) Ditch the habit of smoking – It is known that smokers have a greater chance of suffering from back pain than non-smokers because it restricts the supply of nutrient-rich blood to the spinal discs which can lead to serious spinal injury. Thus, avoiding cigarette is a healthy decision which prevents risk to the lower back.

If you are experiencing frequent back pains and discomfort which has affected your everyday functioning, then don’t hesitate to book a consultation with the Health experts at the Sports & Orthopedic Center to know more about the effective ways of pain management.