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From the moment we are awake till the time we get to bed, smartphones have become an indispensable part of our lives.  Most of us remain glued to the screens, slouching over our smartphones and holding that posture for as long as we can almost every day. We don’t realize that this poor posture is slowly straining our neck and is responsible for the intense pain, which is referred to as the term “Text neck” which is a strain injury.

What are the indications to detect ” Text neck “?

neck pain

  • Pain in the neck, shoulders and upper back region – A radiating ache that spreads from one side of the neck to your shoulders and back.
  • Reduced mobility –tightness or stiffness in the muscles which leads to shooting pain with every movement
  • Painful Flexion – When the neck pains on moving forward and progresses when doing any activity.
  • Chronic Headache – When an increased amount of smartphone use causes spasms in the neck muscles and headaches.
  • Numbness and tingling feeling in the limbs

How can you prevent this neck pain?

1.)    Raise your viewing angle – Hold your phone at eye level as much as possible. You can also put the smartphone on a stand or on a table which ensures a comfortable posture.

2.)     Taking regular breaks from electronic devices – This helps in relaxing the neck and upper back muscles and reduces the risk of getting strains.

3.)     Staying physically fit– Include stretching exercises and arching your neck and back muscles to improve body posture and maintain flexibility.

5.)     Take walking breaks – Build a habit of walking around every 15 to 30 minutes after prolonged use of the smartphone.

6.)     Avoid slouching – Avoid looking down at the screen for an extended period.

7.)     Sit squarely to your work screen.

What is the treatment for neck pain due to smartphone use?

For some relief from the pain, doctors advice the application of ice or a heat pack. A few other treatments are-

  • Medications – Pain relief medications, Prescription Medicinessuch as muscle relaxants or anti-inflammatory drugs.
  • Physical TherapyWith the help of an experienced therapist, learn the correct postures and exercises to strengthen the muscles which facilitate recovery.

In case you are having severe pain in the neck which is affecting your daily functioning, don’t hesitate. Just book an appointment with the health experts at the Sports and Orthopedic Center to receive proper treatment for all health problems.